VnC Cocktails offers a premium and all natural ready-to-serve cocktail range. Providing a fresh take on a classic experience.

Prepare yourself. Not your drink.

VnC was created by a clever, cocktail loving New Zealander.

One day, as he chopped into his sixteenth overpriced lime, his hands sticky with an obscure brand of cane sugar, he realised his cocktail-making time was cutting into his cocktail drinking-time.

Wouldn't it be great if he had delicious cocktails pre-prepared and waiting in the fridge? That way he could spend a lot more time socializing and chit-chatting and a lot less time mixing, muddling, blending, crushing, and cleaning up.

That could work. That could work very, very well.

The idea excited him. If he felt like this, surely there were lots of other cocktail-loving party people who felt the same way– even just in his own neighbourhood.

He gave it the overnight test, and the next morning it still seemed like a good idea, as the best ideas often do. So he shared with a like-minded friend, who agreed it was simply genius and wondered why nobody had done this properly before.

Being New Zealanders used to things clean and pure and fresh and good, the VnC founders set about giving the world ready-to-serve cocktails that are as natural as they are convenient.

That’s when the fun started. And the work. Well, the fun work.

They consulted some of the world’s top mixologists for exciting recipes and flavour combinations.

And of course, it was a given that no artificial preservatives, additives or colours would get anywhere near a VnC bottle.

The VnC guys blended and they tweaked and they tested and they sampled and they partied until they knew that what they had was really, really good.

The best ready-to-serve cocktails in the world.

And the rest, as they say, is cocktail party history.

Natural and Convenient - Sounds Perfect.

VnC is a brand built on two simple strengths - It’s natural. And it’s convenient.

VnC is made from only natural ingredients. That’s a very desirable and unique point of difference. VnC is easy and fun to use. This convenience factor is at the very heart of the VnC brand and has informed everything from the product shape and packaging to how the brand looks, talks and behaves.

VnC is naturally spirited. It values playfulness, spontaneity, experimentation and the pursuit of a good time. It is here to aid and encourage likeminded people to let loose and be themselves. It’s the first on the dance floor. And the last to let go of the karaoke machine microphone. But most of all, it promises a party to remember.

Anywhere, anytime.

We make ready-to serve cocktails from natural ingredients, so they actually taste good. We then put this delicious stuff in attractive and convenient containers that can be opened and poured, anytime, anywhere. So people can throw a cocktail party on the spur of the moment, on a whim, on a couch, on the lawn.

Our cocktails are made with all natural ingredients, contain no artificial preservatives, additives or colours and are all less than 150 calories per 100ml serve.

The New Zealand Thing.

VnC Cocktails are made in New Zealand because the guys who own VnC can’t imagine living anywhere else. That’s not saying they’re not imaginative, (these people dreamed up the ingenious concoction you are reading about after all) but because New Zealand is a great place to be, even if some people think our accent sounds a bit funny.

New Zealand is recognized for its authenticity, natural beauty and pure environment which are drivers of the VnC brand.

Carbon Conscious Cocktails.

Our natural philosophy extends to everything we do. The earth is our favourite party venue so we’re proud to be the first product in the world to receive CEMARS® certification, sounds fancy huh?

It stands for Carbon Emmission Management and Reduction Scheme. What that means is that as a company we are committed to reducing carbon emissions in everything we do.

From the growing of our fruit, turning that fruit into our delicious cocktails and then shipping it to a store near you. We even consider how the containers we use effect the environment.

So not only can you rest assured you are drinking the world’s best ready to serve cocktail, but you can do so with a clear conscious.

To learn more about our CEMARS certification click here.

The trophy cabinet.

Testament to growing global success, VnC continues to be recognized for quality and taste at leading international beverage competitions.

Award winning.

  • Gold Medal, Passionfruit Capriosk Beverage Testing Institute 2010,
  • Gold Medal, Margarita
    Drinks International Magazine 2010,
  • Gold Medal, Banana Daiquiri
    Drinks International Magazine 2010,
  • Gold Medal, Feijoa & Apple
    Drinks International Magazine 2010,
  • Gold Medal, Pacific Mai Tai
    Beverage Testing Institute 2009,
  • Gold Medal, Strawberry Daiquiri Beverage Testing Institute 2009
  • Gold Medal, Vodka Mojito
    Beverage Testing Institute 2009,
  • Platinum Medal, Pacific Mai Tai
    SIP Awards 2011,
  • Platinum Medal, Margarita
    SIP Awards 2011,
  • Gold Medal, Strawberry Daiquiri
    SIP Awards 2011,
  • Gold Medal, Vodka Mojito
    SIP Awards 2011,

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Yes, they certainly like to party. But they’re also more open to new ideas than most people. They’re outgoing and independent and curious and charming.

What we like to call “Naturally Spirited”.

The majority also happen to be women. How about that? is an exciting, inspirational new online channel designed especially for today’s naturally spirited women.

It’s part magazine, part entertainment channel, part…party! Like VnC it’s quite unique and you need to taste it to appreciate it. So go on. Get in there and have a look around. The links on the right will take you straight to some of’s latest interestingness. We think you’ll love what you find there.

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